Quality & Safety Introduction

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    Quality is essential for gaining our customers’ trust in the long term. It is in our genes. Our products all meet strict and intangible requirements in terms of quality and safety. We must reaffirm our quality culture continually, making sure we are the best we can be, particularly in fresh products, by strengthening partnerships with the producers and livestock farmers who guarantee an unparalleled level of quality. Our priority is maintaining the best relationship between quality and value for money in everyone’s interests.

    Our Quality Management System is the platform that we use globally to guarantee food safety, compliance with quality standards and to create value for consumers. Our internal Quality Management System is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to internal standards, ISO norms, laws and regulatory requirements.

    As a retailer, Carrefour has developed 3 working axes to reinforce the food safety and quality control.

    1、The traceability (可追溯性)
    The quality system of Carrefour is based on traceability principle from " farm to dining table ".
    We collect the licenses of production of our suppliers and the sales authorizations for their products. These licenses and quality certificates are stored under a shared database for all our stores to check for background information of both the supplier and the merchandise.

    To guarantee the traceability of our fresh products, Carrefour was the pioneer in the development of direct purchase concept, by reducing the number of intermediary between the producer and the consumer. Today, we work directly with 557 agricultural cooperatives. Over 1.3 million farmers are benefited with noticeable rise of income. While our hundreds millions of customers can enjoy fresher and better quality fruit and vegetables with lower prices than the market level.

    In addition, the QR code displayed next to these direct purchased products enable our customers to scan and know details of farmer associations, business licenses, and all major information in the supply chain till the shelves in stores.

    2、The control of products (产品管控)
    The control of products is two-folded with supplier audits and the food safety test network.

    Audits of our suppliers are made before every commercial signature of contract. In 2013, 260 slaughterhouses were audited, as well as 180 factories producing food raw materials or products transformed. The result of the audit, conditions the cooperation between Carrefour and suppliers.

    China Carrefour is the first distributor that has established a strong network of food safety test labs. Now we have 4 A-level laboratories of quantitative tests and 47 laboratories of fast test. We make more than 600 internal tests a day. The spectrum widely covers food addictives, heavy metals, pesticide, or even clenbuterol. The test results are shared in the network and with the government organizations.

    3、The culture and the training of our teams(文化和团队培训)
    Carrefour’s procedures and the guides of good hygienic practice and quality are built on the HACCP bases. On a daily basis, a team of 240 technicians checks critical points in all our stores.
    家乐福的程序和良好的质量,卫生实践指南和都是建立在HACCP的基础上。在日常工作中, 由240名技术人员组成的团队在我们所有的门店里检查关键点。

    The training of our operational teams is a key point of our Quality system. In 2013, more than 20,000 employees received special trainings on food safety controls and checks.

    The control and the execution of quality procedures are validated by a system of internal and external audits.

    The traceability, the control of products, and the culture and training of teams are 3 axes of Carrefour.

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